Bringing your child to clinic

food-allergyEssential to the management of food problems in children is the appropriate exclusion of the triggering food, whilst maintaining good nutrition.

The gold standard method for diagnosing food allergy is allergy skin prick testing and this can be readily undertaken in small children without distress. The results of such tests are available during the consultation and allow an exclusion strategy to be formulated on an individual basis. Often these tests allow the re-introduction of certain foods that are not producing an allergic reaction.

Children often outgrow egg and milk allergies and reintroduction of these foods will be discussed.

Some food allergies e.g. to nuts, may persist into adult life and require complete on-going avoidance. The need for treatment such as antihistamines and injectable adrenaline devices will be assessed. Professor Powell allows ample time at consultation for small children and this allows time to discuss any concerns or issues the parents may have.

Please see “Allergy Testing” for detailed description.